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Philippine Ambassador Millicent Cruz Paredes joins other participants for a group picture after the briefing session on “EECi Innovation City: Moving Thailand forward the Global Stage with BCG Economy Model.”

BANGKOK, 26 JULY 2022 - Upon the invitation of the Thai Public Relations Department (PRD), Her Excellency Ambassador Millicent Cruz Paredes participated in a two-day Press Briefing and Study Tour on “EECi Innovation City: Moving Thailand Forward on the Global Stage with the BCG Model,” on 21-22 July in Rayong Province, Thailand.

The event was organized to promote the readiness of Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor’s (EEC) latest innovations and technology, in accordance with the government’s Bio Circular Green (BCG) Economy Model. It aims to support and strengthen Thailand’s vision of becoming a regional hub for innovative economy and green technology. As this year’s Chair of APEC 2022, Thailand’s BCG Model underpins the conference’s theme: Open. Connect. Balance.

The two-day event was attended by the Philippine and Indonesian ambassadors, as well as diplomatic representatives from Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Finland. Representatives of foreign media organizations from Asia and Europe also participated.

The activities of the study tour were divided into presentations and discussions, and field trips to the Strawberry Temperate Greenhouse and to the Khun Nuannapha Durian Orchard.

The program's highlights included the presentation on the BCG Economy Model as Thailand’s sustainable growth engine and national development agenda, and the discussion on “Education/Human Capital and Technology Development of the Eastern Economic Committee Policy Committee on EEC: Thailand Advancing into the Future.”

Top executives from the different private and public companies also made presentations on the relevance and effectiveness of the BCG Model for Thailand, as a country aiming to scale up its post-pandemic economy, and the model’s application in their respective organizations. BCG is focused on sustainable business growth by harnessing and developing technology while also advocating for environmentally sound policies through use of green and smart machinery and processes.

PRD also arranged a panel discussion and a Q&A session entitled “BCG in Action: The Success Stories,” featuring speakers from PTT Public Company Limited, SCG Chemicals Public Company Limited, Mitr Phol Group, PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited, and the Eastern Economic Corridor of Innovation (EECi). The panelists shared their individual experiences on how the implementation of the BCG Model was able to do more for their consumers, companies and the environment. END


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Participants in action during the two-day study tour in EECi Innovation City in Rayong Province, which included a guided tour of the Phenomics Greenhouse and Biorefinery Plant in Wangchan Valley


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Visiting the Strawberry and Temperate Crop Greenhouse and the Khun Nuanapa Durian Orchard