Applying for NBI Clearance


  1. Ask for a Fingerprint Card form from the Embassy and fill it up.  For married women, please write your name in the following order: Maiden surname (father’s surname), husband’s surname, first or given name, and maternal surname (mother’s family name).
  2. Attach a colored 2” x 2” photograph, taken within three months before the date of application, showing a clear front view of applicant’s face, with a white background.  No sleeveless attire.  Blurred or low quality photos are not accepted.
  3. The Embassy will have your fingerprints impressed (ROLLED IMPRESSION) on the appropriate spaces of the NBI Fingerprint Card form.
  4. The Embassy will authenticate the Fingerprint Card form.
  5. Mail the authenticated Fingerprint Card form to the NBI for issuance of clearance, through your representative in the Philippines.

Sending Instructions

Mail the accomplished form to your representative in the Philippines, along with a signed letter authorizing him/her to transact business on your behalf. Your representative should visit the office of the Electronic Data Processing Division (EDPD) in NBI Taft Avenue, Manila, to get the NBI clearance.

After you receive your NBI clearance from your representative in the Philippines.

Upon receipt of your NBI clearance certificate from your Philippine representative, please examine it for the presence of the embossed NBI DRY SEAL at its lower left portion.  The clearance is invalid without it. You must also affix your clear and properly taken THUMBPRINT on the space provided for on the clearance certificate before submitting it to the end-user.