The Consular Section, as the frontline unit of the Embassy, pledges

  • to always be conscientious of the needs of our Filipino citizens and foreign clients whom we serve;
  • to maintain a highly responsive, client-centered system which ensures the effective delivery of services;
  • to continuously look for innovative and creative ways to keep our services up- to-date and attuned to actual needs of our clients.

Consular functions,which include issuance of passports, travel documents and visas, legalization of documents, and reports of civil registry records, are a critical component of the Embassy’s services to the public. Cognizant of this fact, the Consular Section shall endeavor to perform such functions in the most efficient and timely manner. The focus shall be customer satisfaction, which can be guaranteed by reducing the supporting documents to the barest minimum, creating an e-passport room that is clean, spacious, and well-maintained, and assigning a staff complement that is friendly and focused on delivering exceptional customer service.