The Embassy issues travel documents to Philippine nationals in Thailand to allow their direct, one-way travel to the Philippines. The issuance of a Travel Document can only be resorted to when the consular officer determines that its use is warranted by emergency/critical circumstances. A Travel Document cannot be used as a short cut in complying with the requirements for the renewal of a passport or the replacement of a lost passport.


For lost passport applicants with valid proof of immediate travel:

  1. Affidavit of Loss duly notarized;
  2. Original copy and photocopy of Thai police report with English translation;
  3. Photocopy of lost passport, or in lieu thereof, any documentary proof of Philippine citizenship;
  4. Passport application form duly accomplished;
  5. Two (2) copies of the Travel Document application form duly accomplished;
  6. Three (3) recent colored photographs with white background (Size: 2 x 2 inches).
  7. For new born infants who need to immediately travel to the Philippines:


Fees for the Affidavit (of loss) and the Travel Document can be found in this link:




In view of the increasing number of Filipinos applying for a Travel Document, the Embassy would like to issue the following clarifications with regards to the nature and use of such document:

  • A Travel Document is issued by the Embassy to Filipino citizens returning to the Philippines, who for one reason or another, have lost their passport or cannot be issued a regular passport.
  • It is also issued to Filipino citizens who are being sent back to the Philippines.
  • It is valid for a non-extendable period of thirty (30) days from date of issuance and only for one-way direct travel to the Philippines.  It cannot be used for re-entry to Thailand.
  • It cannot be used for doing a Visa-Run.
  • If the reason for applying for a Travel Document is that the applicant’s passport has been lost, a clearing period of fifteen (15) days will be observed before the application can be given due course. During the 15-day clearing period, official inquiries will be made by the Embassy with police and immigration authorities of the Philippines and Thailand to check whether the applicant has any pending criminal, civil, or administrative case.