Hat Yai 6

Filipinos availing consular services during the outreach mission in Hat Yai


BANGKOK, 26 APRIL 2022 – With the continuous easing of COVID-19 restrictions, the Philippine Embassy in Bangkok was finally able to conduct a consular outreach mission to Hat Yai, Songkhla Province on 23 April 2022, more than two years since its last consular mission there in March 2020.

A mobile voting activity was held alongside the consular outreach mission, which gave opportunity for voters who have received their ballots by registered mail to conveniently drop off at the venue, instead of mailing them back to the Embassy.

The city of Hat Yai is Thailand’s business center in southern Thailand, which is near the Malaysian border. About 40 minutes from Hat Yai is the city of Songkhla, which is the capital and administrative center of Songkhla province. Filipinos in Hat Yai and the surrounding provinces are mostly employed as English teachers in public and private educational institutions.END


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An Overseas Filipino voter dropping off the first ballot during the mobile voting