Ref. No.: Advisory-BKKPE-42-2022

20220507 Advisory Prohibited A

  • Disrupting the overseas voting proceedings, cast doubts on the electoral process by producing fake news, and other similar misconduct
  • Engaging in any campaigning for a political candidate and/or party within the Embassy premises
  • Wearing any clothing or accessories that promote any political candidate and/or party within the Embassy premises
  • Taking and posting pictures of the official ballots, tampering or destroying the official ballots, or distributing fake ballots/pre-shaded ballots
  • Conducting and publishing any exit poll or unofficial tally for the overseas voting in Thailand
  • Spreading false and alarming reports or information
  • Circulating false orders during the conduct of overseas voting


Filipino nationals are reminded to respect any laws and regulations of Thailand prohibiting the conduct of any political gatherings, public assemblies, mass movements, and other similar activities.

Violations of election laws are taken seriously by the COMELEC. Please report election violations to the Embassy by submitting the following information:

  • Name of the offending party;
  • The name of his/her organization, political party, party-list group, or candidate in case of poll watchers, as well as observers, media entities, or civil society partners;
  • Description of the acts or omissions complained of;
  • The date of the commission of the offenses; and
  • Sworn statement or affidavit of witness.


Powers and Functions of the Special Board of Election Inspectors (SBEI) (Section 11 of COMELEC Resolution No. 10751, 12 January 2022)

  • Act as deputies of the Commission in the supervision and control of the election in the polling place where they are assigned;
  • Maintain order within the polling place and its premises, keep access thereto open and unobstructed, and enforce obedience to its lawful orders, including compliance with the public health and safety protocols applicable in the host country. If any person refuses to obey its lawful order or to comply with the aforesaid health and safety protocols, or conducts themselves in a disorderly manner in its presence or within its vicinity and thereby interrupts or disturbs its proceeding, the SBEI may call upon the security force of the Embassy, if any, or its deputized peace officer to take such person into custody until the adjournment of the meeting.

Powers and Functions of the Special Board of Canvassers (SBOC) (Section 7 of COMELEC Resolution No. 10753, 12 January 2022)

  • The SBOC shall have full authority to keep order within the canvassing room or hall including its premises and enforce obedience to its lawful orders. If any person refuses to obey any lawful order of the SBOC or conducts himself in such disorderly manner as to disturb or interrupt its proceedings, the SBOC may, by a majority vote, order on writing any peace officer/guard of the embassy or consulate to take such person into custody until adjournment of the meeting, In the absence of any peace officer/guard, any other competent and able person deputized by the SBOC in writing, shall execute such order. Such fact shall be noted in the Minutes of Canvassing (OVF No. 11-B).

For Overseas Voting-related concerns, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +66 89 926 5954.