Ref. No.: Advisory-BKKPE-41-2022

20220430 Advisory Embassy Letter 1


The Philippine Embassy informs the Filipino community in Thailand that starting 01 July 2022, the Embassy will no longer issue request letters addressed to the Thai Immigration Bureau for Thai visa extension of Filipino nationals.

The issuance of the request letters was instituted during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 to support stranded Filipinos in Thailand who needed to extend their stay and avoid the risk of illegally overstaying in the Kingdom while strict travel restrictions were in effect.

The pandemic condition in Thailand has significantly improved. Domestic and international travel restrictions imposed by Thailand have been relaxed in preparation for Thailand's return to “pre-pandemic normal” in July this year.

Filipino nationals are strongly advised to ensure that they have a valid Thai visa that corresponds to their purpose of stay in Thailand.

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