1. This service is for Filipinos whose passports are about to expire (or have expired) or the pages in the valid passport have been used up.
  2. Passports should be renewed as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience in your stay in Thailand or when you travel to another country (other than the Philippines).
    Immigration authorities in all countries require at least 6 months of validity on a passport for foreign nationals to be allowed entry into their territory.
    You DO NOT need to renew your passport if you are travelling to the Philippines with a passport that is about to expire. 
  3. From the date of renewal, it usually takes at least 6 weeks for the new passport to be delivered to the Embassy. Expedited passport processing service is not available at the Embassy.
  4. Your current passport will be returned to you after applying and you can continue to use this while waiting for the new one.
  5. Please fill out the online appointment form.  
  6. Personal appearance is required in renewing your passport because biometric scans of your face, fingerprints and signature will be taken. There is no need to bring your own photo.
  7. In all its services and in accordance with Philippine laws, the Embassy gives priority to infants, persons with disabilities (PWD), pregnant women, and senior citizens. In such cases, please inform the consular assistant upon arriving at the Consular Section.



Important: Photocopying services are not available at the Embassy. Our consular staff or the Embassy guard can provide you with information on nearby shops offering such services.


Renewal of ePassport: (Foreign Service Circular No. 142-12 dated 29 Aug 2012)

1.    The original Philippine ePassport.

2.    One (1) photocopy of the photo page of the passport.

3.    One (1) photocopy of the passport page containing the Thai Immigration stamp (chop) of your last entry to Thailand. (Embassy requirement)

4. For Filipino women married outside Thailand and who wish to use their married name, Marriage Certificate (MC) in Security Paper (SECPA) issued  by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) and with DFA Apostille. Those married at our Embassy may present the Report of Marriage.

5. Filled out passport application form. You can download the form at

6.    Seafarers are required one (1) photocopy of the Seaman’s Book and a letter of request or certification of employment from the shipmaster.


Renewal of green or machine-ready passports (MRP): (Department Circular CIR-1438-OCA-2016 dated 30 May 2016)

1.    The original green or MRP booklet.

2.    At least one (1) valid identification document.

3.    Other supporting documents as necessary (i.e. PSA marriage certificate if married and using married surname, etc.)

4.    Filled out passport application form. You can download the form here:



Please check the passport renewal fee in this link:


PROCEDURE:(Waiting time depends on the volume of clients and if all documents are in place.)

  1. Get a queue number at the entrance of the consular section. If the applicant is an infant, a person with disability (PWD), a pregnant woman, or a senior citizen, please inform the consular assistant immediately.
  2. When your number (or name) is called, please present all documents (Counter 1) to the consular assistant who will then review and check all documents for completion and security clearance. If you have other related transactions or questions, please inform the assistant.
  3. Pay the service fee at the cashier (Counter 2) and return to the waiting area.
  4. When your number (or name) is called, please proceed to Room 4 for the capturing of your biometrics information. This takes about 10 minutes.
  5. Your current passport and the official receipt (OR) will be returned to you.
  6. After 6 - 8 weeks, the Embassy will send you an email if your passport is available for release. 
  7. Bring your old passport and the official receipt (or claim stub) when claiming your new passport. Drop the official receipt into the box in Counter 3 (no need to get a queue number) and wait for your name to be called. Please inform the consular assistant if you lost the receipt.  
  8. The consular assistant will ask you to check if the information in your new passport is correct. Your old passport will then be cancelled by the assistant before it is returned to you with the new one. You will also receive a certificate (free of charge) stating that you renewed your old passport.
  9. You may authorize a relative or friend to claim your new passport. Please prepare the authorization letter and copies of his/her valid passport or ID.
  10. Give your feedback on the quality of service and the facilities at the Embassy by filling up the Client Feedback Form which is available at the counter.